Thursday, April 5, 2007

Road trip: The Blue Whale

We're lucky enough around here to have Route 66 running through our area. Old 66, the Mother Road, was the main thoroughfare between Chicago and Los Angeles. At least it was before the invention of Interstates and Turnpikes.
Not far from Tulsa, in Catoosa, is the Blue Whale.
The Blue Whale is, well, big, blue, and a whale. It was built in the early 1970s in a pond to serve as a swimming hole destination. Its life was brief, but popular. Thousands of people stopped to visit the whale and other tourist attractions on the land, and to take a dip on hot summer days.
Today, the whale is open for visitors, but there's no swimming. It's a magnet for graffiti artists, and the pond is overridden with pond scum. But it's still a shining blue, easily recognizable from the road.
Not long ago, citizens bought the whale and fixed it up. You can drop by and visit it and imagine what it must have been like in its hayday.

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