Friday, August 10, 2007

Late night

OK, so I should be sleeping, but can't. My sleep schedule has been so screwed up lately. Hate work, but love life, and love my Katie. She's a cutie, can't you tell?
So, I could go on and on about why I love Katie, but that's probably private-ish kind of stuff.
Why I hate work...
I have a job where everyone thinks they could do it better than me. Any article, anything that goes in the paper, any time, someone, without fail, will call and tell me what an idiot I am and how I could have done it better.
Add on top of that an ever-increasing workload of non-paper related stuff to do, and it makes for a frustrating job. I've got to find a new one that demands something less than 60 hours a week. After all, I'm going to be married and have a family soon, right? Right.
Enough whining. I've got to focus on the positives...

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