Sunday, August 5, 2007

The view from the cheap seats

Katie just left after spending the weekend with me. Once again I find myself alone, but marveling at how lucky I am.

At any rate, sorry about taking so long to update. I'll be better as time goes on.

Back to this weekend. Katie landed Friday night. Saturday, we woke up, went to look around the town some, checked out Sand Springs, and then went to meet my family for lunch. Katie was a little bit nervous about meeting the family. You know... the first time you meet your significant other's family, it can be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience.

But she did fine. I'm sure my family loved her... I know I love her, so that's what really matters.

Saturday night, we went on our first real "date." I took Katie to a Tulsa Driller's game. They're the minor-league AA affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. They were playing in Tulsa, taking on the Springfield Cardinals.

I was proud of myself for picking out seats that weren't facing the sun. I didn't realize that I picked seats over where they store the garbage dumpsters. The whole night, the fragrant smell of used diapers kept on wafting our way, making the hot dogs somewhat less enjoyable.

Oh well... it was still a good game. Even though the Drillers lost, they capped the night off with a fireworks show. Surprisingly, they set the fireworks off from centerfield. I'd hate to think what the groundscrew saw the next morning...

Now Katie is gone, unfortunately. But soon enough I get to go se her, in Philadelphia.

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