Sunday, October 21, 2007

Family fun night

So tonight was my niece's reward. I had challenged her to go a month without TV (mostly because I would have thrown up if I had to watch "High School Musical" again).

Doggoned if she didn't do it. It was a great month. We read more, played board games together, played outdoors more (I rediscovered two-square -- I rocked at that game in elementary school), and she's writing another song for the piano.

So today I paid up. We went to "Incredible Pizza." Think "Chuckee Cheese," but without the rat. Took my sister, we all ate and then played a bunch of arcade games.

Watching those kids play around made me reflect. Some day I'll have kids.... I'll be taking them to that Incredible Pizza place, taking them camping. Quite a weekend.

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