Monday, March 17, 2008

Andrew Rice for Senate -- He's not Jim Inhofe

I'm going to personally endorse Andrew Rice for the U.S. Senate.

The primary factor in this is that he's not Jim Inhofe, the vaguely reptilian far-right fringe senator (supposedly) representing us in the Senate. Just in case not being Jim Inhofe is not enough to garner your vote, here's Rice's web page and his stand on the issues.

Andrew Rice campaign web page

That should do it. Seems like a reasonable guy, no? Not like Inhofe, who claims the Clintons arranged to have the propeller fly off his airplane while he was in it.

Or his claim that the Weather Channel invented global warming.

So please. Vote for Rice. He will be good for Oklahoma. And he's not Inhofe.


The Avenger said...

Andy Rice is most likely a nice fellow, but he has a zero chance against Jim Inhofe.

Since climate change and Senator Inhofe's position on it is an issue in this election, Rice has no chance because most okies don't believe in global warming alarmism.

Anonymous said...

Since when did climate change become a major issue of this campaign?

I've heard more about the economic factors that are affected by our dependence on fossil fuels for vehicles than I have about the affect on the environment.

It's the economy stupid!! And Inhofe is buddy buddy with the guys that are making millions off high gas prices.

Heck, he's the second most funded candidate in the entire U.S. Senate from the Oil and Gas industry. Makes me wonder why they like him so much. I wonder if it's because he's consistently failed over the past 20 years to do anything that would help lower prices at the pump....

I don't think Oklahomans will vote against Inhofe because they felt the need to hug a tree today, I think they'll do it because he's looking out for the profits of his buddies in big oil...not the wallets of his constituents.