Monday, April 28, 2008

Softball game

Nothing better than a softball game where none of the players are really sure what's going on. Usually I get to see that when the cops play the firefighters for charity. This time, though, it's actual 9 year-olds with 9-year-old ability.

I had more fun with the Flip camera.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New toy

So we got a new toy at work. The flip video camera.

It's a super-cheap, yet very simple and quite good flash-based video camera. About 119 bucks will get you 60 minutes of good pc-quality footage.

Here's one I did this morning:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Leader, follow, or get out of the way

We had an "all editors" meeting at our main corporate headquarters today. I was a bit concerned about this at first -- usually those mean bad news. I came in expecting layoffs or selling of papers.

Several weeks ago, corporate decided to discontinue a smaller paper. The Tulsa County News is going bye-bye, which is sad to me. It was always a cute little paper, but had really been struggling. So I thought maybe my own would disappear.

Instead, we got a mixed bag of news.

For starters, our size of paper is reducing -- the actual physical paper, not staff or anything. We're trimming down to about a tabloid format (slightly narrower and taller).

I'm old-school in many ways, and always thought a little bit "less" of smaller papers. I was in love with the old broadsheet size. I'm not entirely traditionalist -- I did some exciting things with graphics and so on. But I always loved the broadsheet size.

So that's changing. What's that mean? Well, we're getting a complete redesign. Complete. We are actually getting a full-bore page designer, which means it's not just me doing it. Which means I get to write more, and focus on writing, which is exciting, no matter how much I love designing.

This also means we get software and hardware upgrades, which I've been pushing for for a long time. We'll get new computers, and an upgrade from QuarkXpress to InDesign. We also get NewsEditPro, which should make web updates and editing seamless.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm a man! I'm... 30

Just came across this really interesting story from ESPN.

Remember Oklahoma State University football coach Mike Gundy's rant from last season?
If not, watch the rant of the century now:

Anyway, it turns out that there may be a little bit more than was previously speculated on.

Read away.


This is why I'm an OU fan, not OSU. Coach Bob Stoops doesn't have any of what we humans call "emotions," except for a slight annoyance at the press.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back from pre-cana

Spent a nice weekend with my lovely bride-to-be up in Glenside, Pennsylvania (right outside Philadelphia). I went up for Pre-Cana, which is a course required to be married in a Catholic church.

The session involved registration, a free dinner with beer, and a couple of hours of talks and then some group sessions.

Then on Saturday, a long 160-something question Scantron test (first time I took one of those since college), and another six hours of counseling and group sessions.

It was worthwhile, I felt. We talked about a lot of stuff that was useful, and it certainly drove home the fact that I'm getting married. For reals. :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Be out east a while

Heading out to Philly area for a while. Pre-Cana and some other wedding-related stuff, along with a few other fun destinations. Be back April 8. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

US Sen Jim Inhofe to switch parties.

UPSTATE VERMONT (AP) -- U.S. Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla), famous for his hardline conservative stances on issues ranging from global warming to welfare to foreign policy, has announced plans to switch to the Green Party.

The announcement came after the senator became separated from his NAFTA advisory committee group while touring the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory. The tour was part of a fact-finding mission concerning a new dairy treaty with Canada, aides to the senator report. Inhofe was not found until several hours after the joint Senate-House bus had left. A security officer closing the plant down found the 71-year-old senator barefoot in Jerry Greenfield's office, reading the ice cream maven's literature.

"It was at that point that the senator slowly came to the realization that he was wrong all these years," said Inhofe's new press secretary and musical adviser, Trey Anastasio. "Like really, really wrong, man."

Inhofe then renounced his conservative ideals, and decided to devote the rest of his career toward Green ideals, Anastasio said. Inhofe immediately sold his house and moved into a smaller, carbon-neutral cabin on the Oklahoma / Arkansas border. He is also pushing for the Capitol building to either convert to off-grid solar power, or only operate during daylight hours, with the window shades open, Anastasio added. Another acceptable alternative was to hold Senate business outside "on nice days," he said.

"After all these years, the blinders came off from my eyes," Inhofe told reporters while sitting cross-legged under a tree on the Washington mall. "I devoted my life to fighting what I saw as a creeping liberal threat upon America -- Communists, gays, evolution, environmentalists, and the weather channel. Now I know, though, that we should all be free to be, like..."

Inhofe did not finish his thought, becoming distracted by a close-flying butterfly.

"We should all try to be more like that butterfly," Inhofe added. He did not clarify to reporters what that statement meant.

Republican senators insist that they are not concerned about the shift in balance Inhofe's defection to the Green Party may mean.

"I think it's just a phase, really," said Republican presidential candidate John McCain (R-Ariz.). "He'll grow out of it the first time he has to ride a bicycle to the senate building in the driving rain."

One senator, though, was more concerned.

"I'm really fearful about this, said Dr. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) "Jim just hasn't been the same. All he does is sit in his office with the door closed, listening to Phish and blogging.

"I also don't know when's the last time he washed his hair," Coburn added.