Thursday, April 17, 2008

Leader, follow, or get out of the way

We had an "all editors" meeting at our main corporate headquarters today. I was a bit concerned about this at first -- usually those mean bad news. I came in expecting layoffs or selling of papers.

Several weeks ago, corporate decided to discontinue a smaller paper. The Tulsa County News is going bye-bye, which is sad to me. It was always a cute little paper, but had really been struggling. So I thought maybe my own would disappear.

Instead, we got a mixed bag of news.

For starters, our size of paper is reducing -- the actual physical paper, not staff or anything. We're trimming down to about a tabloid format (slightly narrower and taller).

I'm old-school in many ways, and always thought a little bit "less" of smaller papers. I was in love with the old broadsheet size. I'm not entirely traditionalist -- I did some exciting things with graphics and so on. But I always loved the broadsheet size.

So that's changing. What's that mean? Well, we're getting a complete redesign. Complete. We are actually getting a full-bore page designer, which means it's not just me doing it. Which means I get to write more, and focus on writing, which is exciting, no matter how much I love designing.

This also means we get software and hardware upgrades, which I've been pushing for for a long time. We'll get new computers, and an upgrade from QuarkXpress to InDesign. We also get NewsEditPro, which should make web updates and editing seamless.

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