Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cleaning out memories

My mom is selling her house, so I spent a good part of today cleaning out the garage. Among items I found:

* A bunch of He-Man action figures.
* A bunch of GI Joes
* A giant box of unfinished model airplanes.
* A finished model of the Starship Enterprise (apparently the only model I ever completed)
* A handful of Atari games.
* About a dozen mix tapes I made in high school.
* All my school records.
* My football helmet from sixth grade tackle.
* Empty Prince Albert tobacco cans (these are a mystery -- I don't know anyone in my family who used it.)
* And other assorted E-bayable goodness.

It was a little sad though, clearing out all the things from my childhood. I'll never be a kid again, and soon that house will no longer be ours.

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