Tuesday, September 16, 2008

World: Terrll's campaign used funds to buy OU tickets

Mr. Mexican-hater is in a bit of trouble here, after we find out that he used campaign funds to buy... OU tickets.

Now granted, OSU tickets would have been a serious judgment lapse, but still, OU tix probably aren't what non-Mexican people donated to his campaign for.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poll shake up

Sooners go to no. 2 in the AP poll after trouncing Washington yesterday. Except for special teams coverage, the Sooners looked rock solid.

USC's no. 1 because, well... that's where people think they belong. I'm a little surprised at the next three: Georgia, Florida, Missouri. I would have gone Missouri, Florida, Georgia.

Mizzou looks fearsome.

100th post

The following will be a compendium of my all-time best 99 posts so far:

. Thanks.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Inhofe at it again

Oklahoma's biggest embarrassment, after "Hinder," is at it again.

Sen. Jim Inhofe, Republican, is running smear commercials against Andrew Rice, the most promising Democratic challenger to face the far-right idealogue in years.

In the spots, which I first noticed here Saturday (Sept. 13), Inhofe ties Rice to every hated liberal cause out there (equal rights... and so on). In short, all Inhofe has to run on is the three G's -- God, Guns, and Gays. That's it. He's done nothing for the good of Oklahoma that couldn't have been done by anybody else.

I can't find the commercials on YouTube yet, but enjoy this from the DSCC.

And please, vote Rice.

It's just that kind of bar

I'm pretty sure I've been here: The Square Bar in West Chester, PA.
Anyway, Pennsylvania just passed an indoor smoking ban, including bars. To celebrate / protest / carcinogize, the bar held a "Smoke off"

"It's so stupid," he said. "If everyone quit smoking, do you know how much our taxes would go up? So many of our taxes are funded by cigarette sales. We'd quit, and everyone would bitch and want us to keep smoking."

Devenny said he planned to stay out all night to enjoy his last indoor puffs.

"Will I call out of work tomorrow?" he said. "Maybe. It's just not right."

The Square Bar (Daily Local News)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Watching Jenks Union

Overtime heartbreaker

Jenks went to overtime against Union, but couldn't hold on, losing 24-17. Ah well, just a game. Good game.

Missed field goal with 00 seconds left!

Are you freaking kidding me?! Union tried a field goal from 30 yards out with 1 second left on the board to win it 17-17.... and hit the upright and bounced back!
This puppy's going to overtime.

Tied up

The two-point attempt good. Jenks kicked it out of the end zone, Union starts on their own 20. Whoever has the ball last will win.

Crazy game!

Yep, that's Jenks/Union. With about 2 minutes to go, from seemingly insurmountable odds, Jenks comes roaring back, scoring a late touchdown. They're down 17-15, still needing points. They've got to go for a two-point conversion.


Near the end of the third, Jenks is driving. We're down 17-3, but that's still a lot of time, totally achievable.


As halftime nears, this is not going well.
This is live blogging? Meh.

OK, nothing yet

Still no score for Jenks, but this time it was an excellent punt return that gave them good field position.

For starters

OK, so it didn't start too good. Union jumped to an early 14-0 lead, and it looked like Jenks couldn't tackle. But a horrendous punt by Union gave Jenks great field position, on about the Union 20.

Other names for the Union Redskins

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

48.6 pounds lost

So I went to the gym to get weighed this afternoon. I started seriously working out in May, but had decided to lose weight back in January. That's when (Jan. 2, I think), I stepped on the scales and registered a 234. I was heartbroken. And fat.

Today though? 185.4 pounds.

I've lost 48.6 pounds this year. I couldn't believe it.

I'm so close to my goal. Gotta admit, that helps kick the motivation into high gear.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Broken Arrow's new badge fail

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, spent $60,000 on a massive "rebranding" campaign to in some effort to build their image. Whatever.
Their image is a city that blows 60K on some stupid corporate logo, like it's from a company named "Innova" or something.
I think it looks like an eyelash over the sun.

Broken Arrow's logo used to be a broken arrow. Makes sense, right. Now it's just an arrow.

Anyway, cops got their new badges today. I think they look like $8.00 / Hour rent-a-cop badges.

College football week 2: What we learned

1. That Ohio State continues its long, proud tradition of being completely overrated.
Hopefully they won't make it to a BCS championship game this year.

2. That East Carolina is actually pretty good.
Not that they didn't look good beating VaTech, but that could have well been a fluke. Now, ramming it down the throat of 8th-ranked West Virginia? That ain't no fluke. That's a good ball team.

3. Oklahoma can have a bad quarter... and still recover
It was still too sloppy and scary to let Cincy get that close so early.

4. Michigan can have a decent season.
By "Decent" I mean six or more wins.

5. Notre Dame... ah Notre Dame
How's that multi-year contract looking for you, NBC?

And last? PAC-10 officials STILL can not officiate
That totally bogus "excessive celebration" call cost an innocent kid, and his team, a well-deserved win. They screwed over Big 12 OU a couple of years ago... and now they screwed over one of their own. Talk about fail officiating.

Ah.... Fall

Last night: High school football. What we learned:
My Flip does well in low-light, but not so much with zoom. Charles Page lost to a pretty good Enid team, but shows promise with QB Deaton and their big lineman Bowie. The season looks promising.

Also, Broken Arrow beat Union for the first time ever*. I went to Jenks so of course hate Union, and was ambiguous to Broken Arrow. Still, I had sort of hoped Union would be undefeated going into the Jenks matchup. Not that the rivalry is diminished any

Today: OU is playing in a no-huddle spread. It's weird to see, but they're very fast and scary good on offense and defense. As long as Sam Bradford doesn't get a concussion this year, our season looks golden.

Also, I learned Bradford isn't that great of a blocker.

* Not "ever" really, but in nine years. The kids playing now weren't any older than 9 last time BA won.

Friday night lights

I made it out with Flip video camera in hand for the Charles Page High School Sandites' season-opener at home against visiting Enid Plainsmen.

This was the first year for our paper to have a video camera for football, so I was anxious to try everything I could with the shooting.

Frankly, it's amazing what a $140 camera and some pre-installed movie editing software on an iMac can accomplish. And I haven't even really begun to play with the features on the editing software. I have a lot to learn about the camera work though, but I think I'm getting better.

But back to the important stuff: CPHS lost, but it was a pretty decent game.

The evening also served to remind me just how much I can't wait to get back into Sand Springs, and our little house there. It's going to be fun being married and starting a family in that town.


No fear. None 'tall.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Friday football blitz

This Friday marks the start of the high school football season in Oklahoma. And for reporters in small towns, that means football coverage goes into overtime.

I love football, and like reporting, so this is going to be a good time for me.

This is also the first year with video capability, so I'll try to hit a couple of games a night to post.