Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ah.... Fall

Last night: High school football. What we learned:
My Flip does well in low-light, but not so much with zoom. Charles Page lost to a pretty good Enid team, but shows promise with QB Deaton and their big lineman Bowie. The season looks promising.

Also, Broken Arrow beat Union for the first time ever*. I went to Jenks so of course hate Union, and was ambiguous to Broken Arrow. Still, I had sort of hoped Union would be undefeated going into the Jenks matchup. Not that the rivalry is diminished any

Today: OU is playing in a no-huddle spread. It's weird to see, but they're very fast and scary good on offense and defense. As long as Sam Bradford doesn't get a concussion this year, our season looks golden.

Also, I learned Bradford isn't that great of a blocker.

* Not "ever" really, but in nine years. The kids playing now weren't any older than 9 last time BA won.

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