Saturday, September 6, 2008

College football week 2: What we learned

1. That Ohio State continues its long, proud tradition of being completely overrated.
Hopefully they won't make it to a BCS championship game this year.

2. That East Carolina is actually pretty good.
Not that they didn't look good beating VaTech, but that could have well been a fluke. Now, ramming it down the throat of 8th-ranked West Virginia? That ain't no fluke. That's a good ball team.

3. Oklahoma can have a bad quarter... and still recover
It was still too sloppy and scary to let Cincy get that close so early.

4. Michigan can have a decent season.
By "Decent" I mean six or more wins.

5. Notre Dame... ah Notre Dame
How's that multi-year contract looking for you, NBC?

And last? PAC-10 officials STILL can not officiate
That totally bogus "excessive celebration" call cost an innocent kid, and his team, a well-deserved win. They screwed over Big 12 OU a couple of years ago... and now they screwed over one of their own. Talk about fail officiating.

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