Friday, September 12, 2008

Watching Jenks Union

Overtime heartbreaker

Jenks went to overtime against Union, but couldn't hold on, losing 24-17. Ah well, just a game. Good game.

Missed field goal with 00 seconds left!

Are you freaking kidding me?! Union tried a field goal from 30 yards out with 1 second left on the board to win it 17-17.... and hit the upright and bounced back!
This puppy's going to overtime.

Tied up

The two-point attempt good. Jenks kicked it out of the end zone, Union starts on their own 20. Whoever has the ball last will win.

Crazy game!

Yep, that's Jenks/Union. With about 2 minutes to go, from seemingly insurmountable odds, Jenks comes roaring back, scoring a late touchdown. They're down 17-15, still needing points. They've got to go for a two-point conversion.


Near the end of the third, Jenks is driving. We're down 17-3, but that's still a lot of time, totally achievable.


As halftime nears, this is not going well.
This is live blogging? Meh.

OK, nothing yet

Still no score for Jenks, but this time it was an excellent punt return that gave them good field position.

For starters

OK, so it didn't start too good. Union jumped to an early 14-0 lead, and it looked like Jenks couldn't tackle. But a horrendous punt by Union gave Jenks great field position, on about the Union 20.

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