Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to prepare for an ice storm

So Oklahoma is apparently due another ice storm. This is not welcome news.

If you were around at all last year, you'll remember that we had an ice storm in Dec. 2007. This was not fun. We had no power for the better part of a week - some areas for more than two weeks - and downed limbs clogged the landscape.

That was apparently practice. We're gonna get another. The good news is, I remember what it was like during the last storm. No lights, no heat, no food. So Katie and I went to Wal-Mart today to stock up ahead of the storm. So did everybody else, apparently.

Somewhere back in our newspaper files, I have a wonderful shot of people loading up on "essentials" ahead of some impending winter weather. In the foreground are two people headed to their truck, a case of Bud Light in each hand of both.

Same kind of deal today. People were buying batteries, flashlights, candles, canned food, water bottles, and, yes, Bud Light.

Wal-Mart is many things. It is not a dumb corporation. They know what's what. That's why, ahead of this ice storm, Wal-Mart had near the front batteries, canned food, and mountains of cases of beer. That's how you know bad weather's on the way.

So Katie and I bought our allotment of non-perishable food (but no beer), and a pitcher for water for the fridge. I think we're ready should the grid go down.
Then again, maybe not. We'll find out Monday night.

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