Friday, February 27, 2009

Now that ALL of Oklahoma's other problems have been solved...

I must have missed it, but our state legislators must have fixed all our other problems. Crumbling, deficient bridges? Fixed. Overcrowded jails, crippling rural poverty, racism, lack of funding for education... fixed. Our environment, in great shape, brilliant!

I never got the memo as to when they managed to nail down and address all the ills that plague our state, but they must have. Because, today to my e-mail inbox, came this:

OKLAHOMA CITY –Oklahoma students may now say the pledge of allegiance in class everyday under legislation by state Rep. Lewis Moore.

House Bill 2189 requires the Pledge of Allegiance to be recited in a classroom each school day. Previously students were simply authorized to recite the Pledge..

“I feel strongly about this bill and how it will strengthen our culture and country’s traditions by honoring the importance of the U.S. flag and our nation,” said Moore, R-Arcadia. “It’s an oath of loyalty and respect to this country.”

The bill also asks that instruction in the history and etiquette relating to the U.S. Flag be given in each grade annually.

"It is appropriate to honor our country's flag and know how to show respect for our symbol of sacrifice and freedom,” said Moore.

House Bill 2189 passed the House Common Education Committee this week and now proceeds to the House floor.

Wait - you mean students were never banned from saying it? So this bill really does nothing. Except buy Moore some cheap votes.

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