Sunday, February 8, 2009

A warm day equals a bike ride

The thing about Tulsa is that we have a trail network. In fact, we have a really excellent trail network.

In theory, Katie and I could bicycle all the way from our home in Sand Springs to Broken Arrow or Bixby on bicycle trails. Viewing the Indian Nation Council of Governments master plan, within a few years, no point in Tulsa will be more than two miles from a biking trail.

While planning for light rail and public transit plods along, it's good to remember there's already a massive system of zero-emission, unlimited mpg transport available.

So, we took advantage of a nice day recently by going on a 11.5 mile bike ride down Riverparks, from midtown Tulsa to Jenks and back, on a warm and windy day. I took along my flip cam to get some video as we rode.

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